Digital Induction Cooktop AID-509
Digital Induction Cooktop AID-509 Digital Induction Cooktop AID-509 Digital Induction Cooktop AID-509 Digital Induction Cooktop AID-509 Digital Induction Cooktop AID-509
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Digital Induction Cooktop

  • Uses induction heating - the fastest way to cook
  • Up to 70% more efficient than traditional stoves
  • Cooks at a high heat with no open flame
  • Easy-to-use digital controls with Warm and 6 other temperature settings
  • Programmable 180-minute timer with automatic shut-off
  • Easy-to-clean ceramic cooktop
Digital Induction Cooktop

Take advantage of the fastest, safest way to cook with the Aroma Gourmet Series Digital Induction Cooktop. Induction cooks without flames - heating quicker and operating up to 70% more efficiently than traditional gas or electric stovetops. It's the perfect addition to any kitchen, RV, dorm room and so much more!

The Aroma Induction Cooktop will only operate when induction-safe cookware is in place and shuts off automatically once cookware is removed. With a Warm setting and 6 easy-to-use digital temperature controls, this cooktop is ideal for all of your cooking and serving needs. It's perfect for daily dishes and easy entertaining! The programmable timer sets up to 180 minutes, leaving you free to work about the kitchen instead of constantly monitoring your cooking. And since the cooktop itself does not heat, spills easily wipe away from the ceramic cooktop surface for easy cleanup.

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How Induction Works

How Induction Works

1. The induction cooktop produces a high-frequency magnetic field.

2. The magnetic field interacts with the ferrous material in the cookware, producing heat.

3. The heat generated in the cookware is transferred to what's being cooked.

4. Nothing outside of the cookware is affected. Once the cookware is removed, the cooktop shuts off.

What is Induction-Ready Cookware?

Induction cooking will only work with induction-ready cookware. For cookware to be induction-ready, it must be made of a ferrous (containing iron) material. Induction is ideal for: cast iron, stainless steel, enameled cast iron and other ferrous cooking materials. Induction will not work with aluminum, copper or glass cookware.

Induction-Ready Cookware

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