22 Pound Rice Dispenser

22 Pound Rice Dispenser ARD-125
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  • Perfect for rice or bean dispensing
  • Keeps up to 22 pounds of grains or beans dry and fresh
  • Automatic measuring dispenses one cup per button push
  • Funnel dispensing design assures the rice and beans dispense smoothly
  • Easily fits above or under your kitchen counter or cabinet
22 Pound Rice Dispenser

Eliminate clutter and keep your rice fresh longer with the Aroma Rice Dispenser. It's perfect for rice, whole grains, beans and so much more! The dispenser's compact design is made to fit your cupboard or pantry, with the capacity to store up to 22 pounds of food! The convenient dispensing system pre-measures 1 cup of your rice per button push for perfect portioning. While the smooth funnel design prevents clogging for easy dispensing, every time. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it!

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