Whole Grain

Tempered glass lid is

Steam tray, cooking pot and pasta colander are 100% surgical grade stainless steel.

Digital Control Panel
Digital functions for Rice, Brown Rice, Pasta/Boil, Steam and Keep-Warm

Product Discontinued
See Whole Grain Gourmet™ Versatility
Unprecedented Versatility
See Whole Grain Gourmet™ Nutritious All-In-One Meals
All-In-One Meals
See Whole Grain Gourmet™ Digital Functions
Advanced Digital Control
4 to 18 Cups

Get Back What You Put In

Cooking with the surgical stainless steel cooking pot, pasta colander and steam tray guarantees the best possible flavor. Stainless steel does not react with foods, not even those that are acidic, preserving the taste and nutrition nature intended.

Two Year Warranty
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