Stainless Steel
Rice Cooker

Stainless steel steam tray
inserts over rice or grains as
they cook to simultaneously
steam meats & vegetables.

Heavy-duty solid stainless
steel inner pot removes for
easy cleanup and serving.

Cool-touch safety
handles and knobs
protect against burns.

Heat-safe glass lid
is shatter-resistant

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100% Surgical
Stainless Steel
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Healthy Versatility
Whole Grains & More

Steaming for Maximum Nutrition

Steaming locks in nutrients and moisture that other cooking methods take away, without any added oil, fat or calories. It is arguably the best method for preparing a healthy meal.

The steam tray inserts over the inner cooking pot for two steaming options:

1. Add water to the inner pot to steam meat and/or vegetables only, or

2. Place foods to be steamed over rice or grains as they cook for easy meal planning.

Balanced, healthy meals are made easy in this multi-functional cooker.

A NutriWare™ Favorite

For a nutritious family meal, prepare brown rice in the inner pot and steam chicken, corn, peas and carrots in the steam tray. A little cilantro and salsa makes for a delicious fiesta-style dinner, the healthy way.

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