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Frequently Asked Questions

Aroma Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The unit is set up and plugged in, the heating element is set into the well and has the proper amount of oil, but the oil is still not heating up. What's wrong?

A: Look under the unit to check that the two rubber feet on the bottom of the unit are securely in place. Ensure the safety switch, just below the control panel (located at the top of the heating element), is pushed in. It must be pushed in for the unit to function. Be sure that the unit is set up properly. If the unit is setup correctly yet is not functioning, press the red reset button. (Applies to ADF-189, ADF-212)

Q: Are replacement filters available?

A: Filters are available for select models. You may purchase replacement filters online on the Replacement Parts page or by contacting our customer service department at 800-276-6286 M-F 8:30am-5:00pm PST. (Applies to ADF-189, ADF-212)

Q: After I added my food, the temperature dropped and is taking a long time to get back to the set temperature. Why won't it regain its set temperature?

A: If there is too much food in the basket(s) the oil may not regain its set temperature. It is recommended to fry food in smaller amounts at a time. (Applies to ADF-189, ADF-212)

Q: Is it safe to place the heating element directly into the oil?

A: Yes. These units were specifically designed for the heating element to sit directly in the oil. The heating element must be placed into the well before the oil is added. (Applies to ADF-189, ADF-212)

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