Sam the Cooking Guy is about an everyday guy (ok, so he's got 8 Emmys) who's found a way to make cooking casually understandable. With no fancy equipment and by speaking English instead of 'chef-speak,' he's sort of the everyman of television cooking. The show is shot right in his house in San Diego, CA - and he cooks with his kids, dogs and neighbors occasionally around - just like we all do. It's a cooking show "for the rest of us."

For too long now TV chefs have tried to 'impress' with their food & style. But a ton of ingredients and a ton of steps just winds up with people saying they can't cook. And it's not that they can't cook - it's that they don't because they think it's too hard. So isn't it time someone made cooking easy?

Now Sam and Aroma have partnered up to bring you even more everyday kitchen solutions. The Flip Grill™, a triple-duty countertop grill, comes with videos, recipes and everything you need to make 'gourmet' meals, the easy way.

Sam's newest show, JUST COOK THIS, airs nationwide on Discovery Health. JUST COOK THIS features Sam's trademark offbeat wit, while exposing viewers to great-tasting, easy-to-prepare recipes.

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