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Re: How does my rice cooker steam food and cook simultaneously?

One of the most convenient features of some rice cookers is the ability to both cook rice and steam food simultaneously, ideal for creating delicious all-in-one meals. To do so:

1. Place the desired amount of rice and appropriate amount of water into the inner pot.
Note: Rice volume will double in size once it cooks. Do not cook to full capacity or it will rise up into the steam tray. Refer to your instruction manual for the maximum rice capacity when steaming.

2. Place the inner pot into the unit and begin cooking the rice.

3. Refer to the steaming guides for vegetables and meats in your instruction manual or look below for approximate steaming times. It is best to insert the food to be steamed toward the end of the rice cooking cycle so that your meal is fresh and warm all at once.

4. Place your choice of vegetables or meat into the steam tray. Open the lid, using caution as steam escaping will be extremely hot, and place the steam tray into the rice cooker.

5. Close the lid and allow the cooker to resume cooking.

6. Once food has been steamed for the appropriate time open the lid, using caution as steam escaping will be extremely hot. Using oven mitts, remove the steam tray and check food to be sure it has been thoroughly cooked. Exercise caution when removing the steam tray, as it will be hot.

7. Close the lid of the rice cooker and allow rice to continue to cook until done. The unit will automatically switch to Keep-Warm when cooking is complete.

8. The rice cooker will remain on Keep-Warm until it is unplugged. Be sure to unplug the cord from the wall outlet when not in use.

Steaming times are approximate and are intended for general reference only.
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