Spanish Rice
Listed ingredient measurements may need to be halved
to fit smaller rice cookers.
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Spanish Rice

Awesome hamburger & rice dish.

Prep: 25 min Total: 55 min Yield: 15


3 cups Uncooked white rice

1 1/2 lb Ground beef (browned)

1 med. Onion

1 small can diced green chilies

1 reg can of diced tomatoes

1 small can tomato sauce

1 tsp. chili pepper

1 tsp. garlic powder

Salt & pepper to taste

Prepare rice as directed in the Aroma rice cooker.
Brown ground beef & onion, add the rest of the ingredients & simmer until rice is cooked. Stir the meat mixture in with the rice & place on warm or serve immediately.

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Goodyear, AZ

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