Southern Banana Pudding Ice Cream
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Southern Banana Pudding Ice Cream

The classic pairing of banana and vanilla wafers in southern banana pudding is even better when frozen into delicious ice cream!

Prep: 45 min Total: 90 min Yield: Generous 4 Quarts


2 cups milk

4 cups whipping cream

4 large eggs, beaten

2 cups packed light brown sugar

2 cans Banana Cream Pie Filling

2 tablespoons pure vanilla extract

dash salt

2 cups coarsely crumbled vanilla wafers, plus more for garnish

2 cups sliced ripe bananas, plus more for garnish

Combine all ingredients except bananas and vanilla wafers in a large mixing bowl. Chill in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Transfer mixture into mixing canister and follow directions in the "How to Use" section in your user's manual. Do not fill the mixing canister more than 2/3 full, as the mixture will expand during freezing. Once ice cream is finished churning, add cookie crumbles and banana slices and mix evenly into the ice cream. Place ice cream in the freezer until hard. Serve garnished with additional cookie crumbles and sliced bananas.

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Palm Beach, FL

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