Irish Stout Cheddar Mac

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Irish Stout Cheddar Mac

3 cheeses: Irish Stout Cheddar, Guyer swiss, Aged X-sharp white cheddar. With a bacon and brown butter bread crumb topping.

Prep: 40 min Total: 60 min Yield: 4-6


1-1/2 sticks butter

3 tbs flour

1Lb elbow noodles

2 cups grated Guyer Swiss

1 cup grated X-sharp aged White Cheddar cheese

3 cups grated Irish Stout Cheddar

3 cups milk

1/8 tsp salt

1/8 tsp pepper

4 slices pepper bacon; cooked crispy

2 slices white bread

1. Boil elbow macaroni noodles in your Pasta Plus™ Noodle Cooker & Water Kettle
*cook bacon until crispy - crumble and set aside *
2. Warm 3 cups milk over med heat to just bubbling
3. in a microwavable dish melt 6 tbs butter
4. Whisk 3 tbs flour into melted butter
5. Whisk butter/flour into warm milk
6. Constantly whisk over med-high heat until mixture becomes thick, approx 8 minutes.
7. Stir grated cheeses into milk and remove from heat.
8. Add salt and pepper to cheese sauce and mix well
9. Combine noodles and cheese and pour into a well greased baking dish 11x7
set aside
10. Dice bread into tiny crumbly pieces
11. Brown remaining butter
12. Pour brown butter over bread crumbs and toss to coat
13. add bacon bits to breadcrumbs and then top mac n cheese
14. Bake mac n cheese at 350 covered 10-12min
15. Remove cover and place under broiler until bread crumbs are crispy

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