Single Serve Iced Latte

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Single Serve Iced Latte

Make this cool coffeehouse treat at home with a single serve coffeemaker and the Aroma Hot-Froth X-Press.

Prep: 3 min Total: 6 min Yield: 1


1/3 mug bold single serve coffee

1 full serving latte milk, cold

1 teaspoon sugar

Ice, as needed

With the latte attachment in place, pour milk into the milk frother to the "CAPP MAX" line. Froth at "No Heat" (three presses of the POWER button). With your single serve coffee maker, brew 1/3 of a heat-safe mug of bold coffee. Once the mug is 1/3 of the way full, cancel brewing. Remove the mug. Pour coffee into a tall glass, add sugar and stir. When latte milk has finished frothing, slowly pour the latte milk into the tall glass, leaving behind the froth. Add ice, as needed, to the tall glass to cool the drink. Pour remaining milk froth into the glass. Allow to cool and enjoy!
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