Healthy Salmon & Asparagus
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Healthy Salmon & Asparagus

Fresh and flavorable, this is the perfect meal for a health conscious family!

Prep: 5 min Total: 20 Yield: 4


2 salmon filets, skinless

1/2 pound fresh asparagus

Dash lemon pepper

Dash salt

Season the salmon filets with salt and lemon pepper. Add water to the water tank of the food steamer, to at least the halfway point. Place the salmon into the steam tray. Close the lid. Set the time control dial for 15 minutes. Once five minutes have passed, remove the lid, using caution to avoid escaping steam, and add asparagus to the steam tray. Replace the lid and allow food steamer to continue cooking for the remainder of the set time. Once the food steamer dings, check food for doneness. If cooked, remove the food to serve and enjoy.
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