Berry Ice Cream Cake

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Berry Ice Cream Cake

A delicious, sweet ensemble of ice cream, berries and whipping cream!

Prep: 15 min Total: 120 Mins Yield: Serves 6-8


5 Cups of Half and Half

10 oz. of Condensed Milk

2 Teaspoons of Vanilla Extract

2 Cups of Pureed Strawberries

2 Cups of Heavy Cream

1/4 Cup of Sugar

1 Cup of Blueberries

1 Cup of Strawberries, Sliced

Place all ingredients in the ice cream maker and follow directions. Whip 2 cups of heavy whipping cream with 1/4 cup of sugar until thick and it holds its shape. When ice cream is ready pour into a spring form pan and place in the freezer. Remove cake pan and run a hot knife around the inside of the pan and invert cake onto a serving platter. Decorate with whipped cream and berries.
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