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Valentine's Day Grillet Waffles

The Grillet may not have all the nooks and crannies of a real waffle iron, but the flavor is what it’s all about.

Toast 3 Ways

Choose your favorite or try them all this morning!

The Perfect Omelet


No more hot pans, no more flipping, just perfection.

Super Scramble

If you're in need of a breakfast recipe to feed a crowd you've landed in the right spot.

Super Pot Casserole

A hearty breakfast packed with flavor in every bite.

Spiced Breakfast Bulgur

Hearty meets healthy in this delicious breakfast dish.

Rice Cooker Orange Marmalade

Freshen up some boring ol' toast with this homemade marmalade.

Quiche with Kale and Brussel Sprouts

Something luxurious for your next brunch table.

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