Vanilla Custard with Berry Compote

A sweet dessert that's an oldy but a goodie!

Summertime Lemonade

Cool off with this summertime favorite all year round


Perfect appetizer if you are hosting a party/event!

Mango Chutney

This delicious chutney is a great addition to any main dish meats.


With oranges in season, this is the perfect citrus-y breakfast to start your day off right! Simply wake up, whip together the batter, and place it into your rice cooker to cook while you get ready for your day! It’s a quick, easy and absolutely delicious recipe! The best part is that this recipe makes at least two full pancakes! A meal for two in less than 20 minutes!

Hot Peanut Butter Cup


A deliciously warming treat on a cold day!

Honey Mint Tea

A fresh and slightly sweet tea perfect for any time of day!Beverages

The word manakô, in Hawaiian, means mango. This recipe is infused with the rich and tropical taste of Hawaii. Taken from the inspirational never-ending fields of pineapples, this recipe is going to tingle your taste buds with the sweet taste of ripened mangos and tangy pineapple. The chicken is so tender and juicy that the flavors literally burst in your mouth. The peanuts on the other hand, add a whole new dimension of flavor and texture as well with their crunch. Serve over rice and enjoy this mini tropical vacation. The best part about this dish is that you can bring it to any potluck or gathering this holiday season due to the bright red and green coloring!

Irish Stout Cheddar Mac

3 cheeses: Irish Stout Cheddar, Guyer swiss, Aged X-sharp white cheddar. With a bacon and brown butter bread crumb topping.

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