Grilled Chicken Salad


A salad that really is a meal.

Green Chile and Chicken Rice


Just throw in the ingredients and your rice cooker will take care of the rest.

Garlic Shrimp Rice Bowl


It's a complete meal made completely in your rice cooker!

Frozen Pizza


Not really a recipe? Maybe, but it still tastes great.

Fried Chicken

Restaurant-quality fried chicken without the restaurant.

Fresh Vegetable Ratatouille

This authentic dish is worth the wait!

Farro Salad

A unique grain, yummy cheese, and flavorful add-ins for a complete meal in one bowl

Easy-to-Make Spanish Rice


Delicious Spanish Rice made easy.

Easy Pita Fajitas


Pita Fajitas. Fun to eat. Fun to say. Pita Fajitas.

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