Red Beans & Rice


So good and so easy, it's un-bayou-lievable!

Raspberry Chicken over Orange Rice


Delightful, colorful dish combining chicken and fruit, in an appealing and delicious way. It's also quick and easy.

Rainbow Shrimp

As colorful as it is tasty.

Quick Mediterranean Flatbread

A simple and delicious way to make healthy personal pizzas! You can use a variety of toppings to create your favorite, but this is my family's favorite version!

Pepper Steak Burritos


Cook an entire Mexican-style meal in your rice cooker.

Pastrami Pockets

Much better than any frozen filled pocket.

Pasta and Beans Puttanesca

Easy, pantry-shelf main dish.

Open-Faced Toasted Ham Slamwich

Refreshing flavors of ham, apple & basil are awaiting your first bite.

Open-Faced Spicy Roast Beef Sandwiches

Is it still a sandwich without 2 slices of bread? Who cares, it's good.

Mu-Shu Pork Wrap


Great Asian-inspired taste in a burrito-like wrap.

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