Pasta and Beans Puttanesca

Easy, pantry-shelf main dish.

Open-Faced Toasted Ham Slamwich

Refreshing flavors of ham, apple & basil are awaiting your first bite.

Open-Faced Spicy Roast Beef Sandwiches

Is it still a sandwich without 2 slices of bread? Who cares, it's good.

Mu-Shu Pork Wrap


Great Asian-inspired taste in a burrito-like wrap.

Monterrey Green Chile Chicken Wraps


Cook an entire Mexican-style meal in your rice cooker.

Mom's Favorite Rice with Chicken


We like to buy roasted chicken and always have leftovers. Add the a few spices, onion, canned mushrooms and easy dinner!

Mole-Kissed Chicken Cacciatore Stew


This rich stew mixes the taste of Chicken Cacciatore with Chicken Mole for a wonderful and filling main dish.

Mimi's Thai Rice Recipe

Delicious Jasmine rice with a coconut milk/spice concoction.

Mediterranean Lamb Medallions with Couscous

A delicious and exotic Mediterranean meal.

Meat Loaf with Bacon Topping

Meat loaf's good. A bacon topping? Even better.

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