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Walnut Crusted Turkey Breast with Island Sweet Potato Slaw

A complete meal of walnut crusted turkey breast with a delicious sweet potato slaw finished with a jerked molasses glaze!

Turkey Patties

Like hamburgers, but healthier.

Spicy Honey Wings

I made this so many times, 2 good recipe......

Santa Fe Breakfast Frittata


A filling breakfast that's light on your morning schedule!

Rice Salad

After rice is cooked, put in seperate bowl and mix all the other ingredients with it and serve.

Rice Pudding with a Twist


Rice cooks without tending, and then ice cream finishes the job. Simple and oh so good.

Raspberry Chicken over Orange Rice


Delightful, colorful dish combining chicken and fruit, in an appealing and delicious way. It's also quick and easy.

Parisian Pear Salad

A light and crisp summer salad created on a cold winter Chicago night.

Mole-Kissed Chicken Cacciatore Stew


This rich stew mixes the taste of Chicken Cacciatore with Chicken Mole for a wonderful and filling main dish.

Mimi's Thai Rice Recipe

Delicious Jasmine rice with a coconut milk/spice concoction.

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