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Wheat Berry and Beet Salad

A tasty salad with the perfect blend of grains and veggies!


With summer coming to a close, let’s reminisce with this one last delicious dessert that is great for summer nights. Although this is a dessert, we keep it mostly healthy by using coconut milk rather than a heavy cream.

Traditonal Style Hummus

Healthy, tasty, and authentic hummus at home

Tomato Rice

The tomato adds a delicious tangy flavor to the rice while the spices add a medley of herby, earthy notes.

Toast 3 Ways

Choose your favorite or try them all this morning!

Tabbouleh with Hard Boiled Eggs and Feta

A light, fresh and nutritious salad sure to brighten up any spread.

Stuffed Eggplants

This Mediterranean dish is great either hot or at room temperature.

Stir Fried Rice


Put left over rice to good use!

Spiced Breakfast Bulgur

Hearty meets healthy in this delicious breakfast dish.

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