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Basic Cooked Kasha


A unique and nutritious side dish.

Basic Cooked Kamut

This ancient grain with a slightly nutty taste makes for a tasty side dish.

Basic Cooked Amaranth

Amaranth cooks into a thick, creamy mixture, which is delicious in soups and stews.

Aroma's Favorite Paella


Chorizo, chicken and shrimp all in one dish. What's not to like?

Apricot & Cranberry Couscous Cereal


Oatmeal doesn't completely have the hot cereal market cornered.

Yellow Veggie Rice

A pretty and tasty side dish that will have your family enjoying vegetables too!

Wild Rice with Caramelized Onions


A wonderful side dish that's full of flavor.

Veggie Rice Stuffing


Vegetarian stuffing for a side dish or for a wonderful way to stuff an entree.

Vegetarian Penne Easy Peasy


Whole grain vegetarian penne... yummy!

Vegetarian Noodle Stew


I created this "stew" to suit my vegetarian diet. The result was a comfort-food that my children loved.

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