this rice tastes like tiramisu in risotto form

Orange Rice Pilaf


A great side dish for chicken, pork or fish.

Orange Mousse

Add some zest to your life with this cool dessert!

Ooey Gooey Rice Cooker Brownies

For those who want yummy brownies without the crunchy edges

One-Pot Pasta with Meat Sauce


Leave that huge pot of boiling water behind.

New Delhi Chicken Curry

A very mild and delicious curry

Mushroom Risotto


A mouthwatering mushroom dish.

Mushroom Barley Soup


Thick, hearty, and nutritious.

Multi-Grain Salad

Nestled in some curly greens and then garnished, this multi-grain salad or side dish fits the bill for holiday or family meals. The key to its success: know your grains and the time needed to cook them. Harder grains take longer; it’s that simple. If you are using wheat berries, barley, wild rice, brown rice or bulgur, they will require more cooking time than quinoa, amaranth or millet. With wheat berries being the hardest grain in this combination, I soaked them an hour and a half prior to adding them to the other grains. I didn’t soak the bulgur as I prefer more texture. This grain combination is one you want to keep in mind for your future creations. Serve it in endive for a tasty appetizer with chopped fruit and nuts.

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