Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup


It's so easy to make we put it right in the name.

Dark Chocolate Truffle Cake


That's right. Dark, decadent chocolate cake-made in a rice cooker.

Dad’s Peanut Clusters

With just three simple ingredients, these tasty morsels can be made up in no time at all!

Curry Chicken Salad

Spice up leftover chicken with this cool and creamy curry chicken salad

Curried Carrot Barley Soup

A delicious soup with fresh barley, carrots and curry.

Cranberry Sauce with Orange and Port

Make ahead or freeze for sauce when you need it!

Corn Chowder


Thick, creamy and savory. It's exactly what you want in a chowder.

Classic Risotto


Delicious, classic risotto in less than an hour.

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