Basic Steamed Chicken Breasts


Rice can be cooked while steaming at the same time. Refer to your instruction manual for directions.

Basic Cooked Rye or Triticale Berries

This sturdy but tasty grain makes for a delicious and healthy side.

Basic Cooked Quinoa


This great-tasting grain makes for a delicious side dish.

Basic Cooked Polenta

A quick, tasty and easy-to-make side dish.

Basic Cooked Pearl Barley

A healthy side of barley that pairs well with any main dishes.

Basic Cooked Millet

A flavorful grain that goes well with several main dishes.

Basic Cooked Kasha


A unique and nutritious side dish.

Basic Cooked Kamut

This ancient grain with a slightly nutty taste makes for a tasty side dish.

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