Rice Soup (Congee)

A great late-night snack or breakfast side.

Rice Salad

After rice is cooked, put in seperate bowl and mix all the other ingredients with it and serve.

Rice Pudding with a Twist


Rice cooks without tending, and then ice cream finishes the job. Simple and oh so good.

Rice Cooker Shrimp Monterey


This is an easy, one pot meal with lots of flavor.

Rice a la Berries-Aroma


This is an easy and tasty meal for any time of day.

Red Beans & Rice


Quick, easy & filling one-pot meal.

Red Beans & Rice


So good and so easy, it's un-bayou-lievable!

Pepper Steak Burritos


Cook an entire Mexican-style meal in your rice cooker.

Pasta and Beans Puttanesca

Easy, pantry-shelf main dish.

Orange Gingered Carrots

Rice can be cooked while steaming at the same time. Refer to your instruction manual for directions.

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