Spanish Rice (Restaurant Style)


Spanish rice from a popular local Mexican restaurant.

Spanish Rice


Yummy rice with peppers and seasonings in a flash!

Sizzlin' Brazilian Shrimp and Rice


Rice, black beans, papaya and shrimp combine with spices for a delicious and nutritious dish.

Simple Miso Soup

A comforting soup, almost a comforting drink, that can be warm and ready for you after a long day... or a long bubble bath.

Shrimp Salad with Quinoa

This colorful dish comes together in less than 20 minutes with the help of your Aroma Rice Cooker.

Shrimp and Sherry Rice


This savory dish made with rice, cream sherry and shrimp is like a warm bowl of happiness on a winter's day! My family loves it!

Shrimp & Green Onion Raviolis


A deliciously easy recipe from the 5 Plus 5: Five Ingredients + 5 Minutes Prep! Recipe Book.

Saute-Then-Simmer™ Spanish Rice


Delicious Spanish rice made easily with Aroma's patent-pending Saute-Then-Simmer™ Technology

Saute-Then-Simmer™ Risotto


Delicious risotto made easily with Aroma's patent-pending Saute-Then-Simmer™ Technology

Sausage Red Rice

Cooked a breakfast at my church and had leftover sausages and used it to make a great one-pot dinner!

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