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Wheat Berry and Beet Salad

A tasty salad with the perfect blend of grains and veggies!

Veritable Vegetable Medley

Steam up your main dish with a side of fresh and crunchy vegetables!

Traditional Baked Beans

Ditch the can for an authentic taste that's easy to make.

Tomato Rice

The tomato adds a delicious tangy flavor to the rice while the spices add a medley of herby, earthy notes.

Tabbouleh with Hard Boiled Eggs and Feta

A light, fresh and nutritious salad sure to brighten up any spread.

Sweet Corn


Rice can be cooked while steaming at the same time. Refer to your instruction manual for directions.

Summer Salad

A fresh and healthy salad that's great during summer, or during any season for that matter.

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