Rice Cookers 101

Welcome to Rice Cookers 101

Pot-Style Rice Cookers

Like a pot, but better.

Cool-Touch Rice Cookers

Coolest way to cook.


Beauty and brains.

One-Touch Operation

Easy as flipping on a light.

Digital Controls

Go ahead, push our buttons.

Delay Timer

Talk about time management.

Countdown Timer

Is it ready yet?


Cooked, ready and waiting.

White Rice Function

Fluffy deliciousness.

Brown Rice Function

Whole grains, wholely tasty.

Steaming Food

Flavor without the fat.

Quick Rice Function

Rice in a rush.

Slow Cook Function

Slow & steady wins the taste.

Soup/Stew Function

Simmer, sip and slurp.

Programmable Steam

Healthy made easier.

Sauté-then-Simmer™ Technology

Tomorrow's stove...today.

Oatmeal Function

Heat up a healthy morning.

Cake Function

It's a Piece of...

One Pot Meals

One and done.

Sensor Logic™

A micro-chip master chef.

Rice Measuring Cup

Designed not to measure up.

Spatula Holder

Don't ever let go.

Condensation Collector

Say no to soggy rice.

Steam Vent

Blow off some steam.

Removable Power Cord

Go wireless.

Tempered Glass Lid

A view from the top.

Locking Lid

Seals in the flavor.

Removable Inner Lid

Easy cooking, easy cleanup.

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