Why an Electric Kettle?

The Best Way to Boil

At a blazing cup-a-minute speed, Aroma's electric water kettles deliver piping hot water quicker than the stovetop. Skip worrying about pots boiling over on the stove or guessing how long to zap your mug in the microwave. Precise temperature controls on all of Aroma's electric kettles ensure water reaches that desired temperature - every time. Plus, your kettle shuts off automatically once water boils for added safety and convenience.

Serve with Style

Offered in a variety of styles and finishes, Aroma's electric water kettles make a sleek addition to any countertop. And forget fiddling with power cords and non-detachable bases, every Aroma kettle easily lifts off its base for easy portability and perfect pours. Aroma combines a sleek style with convenient cordless pouring for a vessel that's perfect for serving all your hot beverage favorites.

So Much More!

It's not just tea drinkers who can enjoy all the benefits of an Aroma Electric Water Kettle. Each kettle offers a generous capacity perfect to boil water for instant coffee, noodles, baby formula, oatmeal and so much more! Aroma Electric Water Kettles are always ready to lend a hand with all of your hot water needs.

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