Why an Induction Cooktop?

How Induction Works

Induction works by transferring electromagnetic energy from an induction cooktop straight into your cookware for precise, consistent heating that doesn't waste a watt of energy. It heats the pot, not the plate, for a safe and efficient cooking experience. When induction-ready cookware is placed on the cooktop it creates a magnetic field that transfers energy directly to the cookware. This energy is then transferred to the food inside, while nothing outside the cookware is affected.

Better than a stovetop

Aroma's induction cooktops offer precise flameless heating that's up to 70% more efficient than a stovetop. Induction cooktops provide ultimate power and precision not found with just any stovetop, offering instant temperature adjustments and no wasted heat or energy. Not a degree of heat is given off by the cooktop so kitchens stay safe and cool. Induction is the smartest, fastest, and most efficient way to cook.

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