Why a Rice Cooker?

Rice...and so much more!

Rice cookers prepare food using nearly every type of cooking method from steaming, simmering and slow cooking to boiling, braising, and "baking"...and you thought they were just for rice! They come equipped with all the multi-cooker functions without the fancy multi-cooker name. And thanks to Aroma's innovative technology, you're just a button press away from jambalaya, oatmeal, cake (yes… cake!) and so much more - all from a rice cooker!

There's Still a Reason We Call Them Rice Cookers

Rice is quite possibly the most versatile meal base, which is why it's made its mark on every type of cuisine. It's not a taco plate without Spanish rice, a hand roll without sushi rice, or a risotto without Arborio. Rice is the foundation for everyday dishes from every corner of the world, and for good reason. It's economical, healthy and just plain delicious. So, when you purchase a rice cooker you're tapping into the best way to cook this powerful food staple. After all, there is a reason we call them rice cookers.

Let Aroma do the Cooking for You

There's a big difference between a kitchen product that does a lot with you and one that does a lot for you. Aroma rice cookers require little to nothing from you as they prepare the perfect meal - turning kitchen time into your time. Let Aroma do the cooking for you and never worry about stirring, burning or monitoring again. It's about fresh food made on your schedule and ready when you are. Aroma helps put families back around the table for better meals, better health and better relationships.

A Meal for Every Body

Rice cookers are designed to prepare healthy meals your whole family will love. With more and more focus brought to every part of our diet from soup to nuts (quite literally), we are faced with more culinary choices and challenges than ever before. Desiring more nutritious cooking? Try steaming. Making heart-healthy choices? Prepare perfect brown rice. Going gluten-free? Cook up some quinoa. An Aroma rice cooker makes it easy to stay on track, no matter what your dietary goals may be.

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