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About Aroma

Our mission is striving to design and distribute a line of products that enhance and enrich lives.

Our Vision

How do we design products that enhance, enrich and make life easier for others? Simple. We listen to the ones that matter most — our customers. That’s how we’re able to provide products that are convenient, unique, innovative, and valuable. Ultimately, it’s how we provide products that offer life enriching experiences for our customers and their families-fostering greater harmony in the world we all share.

Our Values

Aroma’s core values stem from an unrelenting desire to create products that make your life easier, a whole-hearted dedication to the community and a focus on fostering meaningful and lasting relationships with others.


Discovering unique and innovative ways to solve our customers problems.


Conducting business with integrity and meeting the expectations of customers.


Consistently delivering high quality products without sacrificing value.


Remaining true to our values when designing products and communicating with others.


Nurturing authentic and long-lasting collaboration with our customers.

The Aroma Greener Good Initiative

For the Greener Good of the planet, Aroma is transitioning as much packaging as possible into green and sustainable materials.

Green Packaging is Sustainable

Before the Aroma Green Good Initiative logo can grace a package, it must meet the following rigorous standards set forth by Aroma Housewares.

  1. All cardboard used must be at least 80% post-consumer recycled material.
  2. Inner packaging must consist of bi-degradable, recyclable materials. Polystyrene foam and plastic will be replaced by molded pulp and bio-degradable, compostable plastic bags.
  3. All inks used in printing must be water soluble, maintaining the same visual appeal of traditional inks without the harmful chemical by-products.

The Impact of Green Packaging

The first products to transition to the green packaging solution were Aroma’s line of rice cookers. Aroma, America’s #1 Rice Cooker brand, sells over 1 million rice cookers a year in the US. By adopting molded pulp in place of polystyrene foam in just Aroma’s rice cookers, Aroma is projected to keep over 40,000 cu ft of polystyrene foam and plastic out of landfills in one year - an amount that would fill over 20 semi tractor trailers.

The Molded Pulp Solution

Molded pulp, which is made from a variety of recycled materials, such as corrugated clippings, old newsprint and/or industrial paper, provides an ideal environmentally-friendly solution to polystyrene foam without sacrificing the stability and durability that polystyrene foam provides.

Growing Toward Green

Aroma isn’t stopping with green packaging. Aroma’s San Diego corporate headquarters was the first commercial office building to be recognized as green by the San Diego Area Green Business Program and has received workspace Energy Star Certification for energy conservation. To obtain these certifications took the work of everyone at Aroma, as all employees do their best to conserve energy and recycle whenever possible.

In addition to building a company culture centered on sustainability and wellness, Aroma’s product development team is also focused on creating products that save people time and energy, from both themselves and their utility companies.

Aroma is diligently researching new small kitchen electric technology to conserve energy and reduce environmental impact.

Giving Back to Our Community

We know it's not only about designing products that enhance and enrich our customers' lives at home, but also about doing what we can to build a better community around us. Thanks to the support of our customers, we've been able to give back to our community where we can.

Missionaries of Charity Donations

For the last few years Aroma has donated food and other supplies to the Missionaries of Charity organization in Tijuana, Mexico. The Missionaries of Charity congregation was originally founded by Mother Teresa and is active in 133 countries. The charity in Tijuana provides educational and spiritual instruction for children and care to the elderly homeless. Each year Aroma employees help take food and supplies to the charity, which gives Aroma the incredible opportunity to meet and thank the generous and loving members of this organization. The items donated are based on specific requests of the charity to help it better serve its members.