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Cooking with Aroma SmartCarb


How does our SmartCarb™ technology work? It’s as simple as the press of a button. The difference begins with the use of a carb-reducing pot that is placed inside the larger inner pot and filled with rice and water. After the SmartCarb™ button is pressed, water begins to boil and carbohydrates on the surface of the rice break down. As the rice cooks, the starchy water drains below through the carb-reducing inner pot. The rice steams to finish cooking instead of reabsorbing carbohydrates, leaving you with delicious, fluffy, reduced-carb rice ready to enjoy!

Before and After Cooking


SmartCarb Step 1
SmartCarb Step 2
SmartCarb Step 3
SmartCarb Step 4
SmartCarb Step 5
SmartCarb Step 6